Tuesday, March 11, 2014

GTA 5 Download

The gaming world has already been taken by surprise with the launch of Grand Theft Auto V. The overall game has-been breaking records, and stumbled on units in mid-November and making statements since. GTAV has gotten outstanding reviews and is one of the very most complete activities of one of the best game franchises ever. But the fun isn't performed yet.

GTA has an additional trick up its sleeve, which will be publishing this game on PC consoles. This article will have a look at the way the gameplay will function and when you're able to expect to see GTA on the computer.

GTA 5: PC-Download

The good news is that while it’s somewhat later than Xbox and PlayStation, GTA is likely to be introduced on the PC on November 22. Now, keep in mind that this is another date given by Rockstar games, as we get closer to mid-December and this could even be sent out again.

However In the mean-time, enthusiasts who choose to play pc-games will get excited for that holiday season release. And with most of the hype and enthusiasm that GTA V has already gained, it only makes sense that any occasion launch would-be perfect for the PC model.

When it comes to game itself, it is possible to expect lots of the same excellent choices that exist to the PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game. You'll get the chance of playing together of three characters as you play-through Los Santos being a legal seeking to make money and keep in front of the law.

GTA 5 Download

The players intertwine and connect to each other perfectly, adding to the measurement and enjoyment of GTA V.

The primary character you will play as-is Franklin, a block-smart gangster from the streets who's trying to shake the less-then-profitable methods for his LS homies.

GTA 5: Laptop

All eyes will stay on that November 22, releasedate for GTA on the computer. And after a request went around that was signed by over 500,000 people, it’s clear that there's an enormous need for this sport.

You don’t need to wait anymore to enjoy GTA V? Download GTA 5 NOW

Players could keep their attention about the game, and expect their holiday season is filled up with the enthusiasm of Los Santos.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

FIFA 14 Download PC

As you may know south east asia is getting better and better at football, people join leagues, attend football events, they even make their small town teams, which is great, but not a lot of people have those conditions to play football, well I'm here to the rescue.
fifa 14 download
FIFA 14 Download
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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Assassin's Creed 4 Download | GTA 5 PC download

Great games like GTA 5 and Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag are available for download for free.

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Bob Dylan In Saigon

Bob Dylan will be in Saigon on 10 April, like the poster says.
(Ho Chi Minh City is a dumb name and someday they're gonna change it).

Cambodian Stock Exchange

About this time last year I was talking to a foreign expert advising on the opening. 
Will it open on time?
He frowned, sucked his teeth, looked long into his beer, considered the geckos catching flying-ants on the ceiling, and gave me his considered reply.
"With any luck, no."

My friend's problem was this: The ASX has something like a thousand pages of regulations, the South Korean Exchange has something similar, but the people he'd been advising had yet to crack into triple figures. "There's a reason for all those regulations."
But the opening has been put off many times already, and there's pressure to get on with it.
First three listings will be Telecom Cambodia, Sihanoukville Autonomous Port and Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority. All pretty sound. 
Except Telecom Cambodia, which has never had an independent audit. 
And the Port, which only brought its accounting procedures into line with regulations last year.
But Telecom's been audited by PWC since 1997.
The problem is the accounting, you see. It's also called transparency. It means that big foreign institutional investors won't be willing to put cash in unless they trust the books.
If the big institutions don't come in, that leaves the market for the little fish.

A Clash of Innocents

"It's very hard to write about that which is beautiful and pleasant and good. There's no friction in it. There's no trouble. You have to have trouble. Somebody's got to get in trouble, or nobody wants to read it." 

Paul Bowles said that, and he ought to know - the characters in his books get in enough trouble to last the rest of us our whole lives through. Remember the professor of languages who gets his tongue cut out by Moroccan villagers and spends his days trying to ask visting tourists for help? "Ugh um un unkpunk lungkpunk, hunk unkh!" And they think he's the village idiot and give him a dirham. 

And so to work.
Deborah at first resents and mistrusts Amanda, then comes to rely on her, until we learn Amanda's secret. It's as melodramatic as anything Bowles could have imagined.
Deborah is well drawn and believable, and there's a host of lesser characters - the children from the home, Kyle the male lead, and even a special guest appearance from a Swedish (sic) doctor who runs a hospital in Siem Reap. (He doesn't play the cello).

and Sue Guiney's website is here (all authors these days have websites and twitter accounts).
It's available through amazon and kindle.

I wish more people would write books set in Cambodia.

Corruption Index

Corruption Index

The scale is 1 to 10, and lower numbers mean higher corruption.
Burma 1.4
Cambodia and Laos 2.1
Philippines 2.4
Indonesia 2.8
Thailand 3.5
Malaysia 4.4

At the bottom, number 178, is Somalia. (Does anyone actually try to do business in Somalia?)
Burma: no.176, tied with Afghanistan
Laos and Cambodia: 154
Vietnam: 116
Thailand: 78

Interesting also to look at the West:
United States scores 7.1 and ranks 22nd
Britain: 7.6, number 20
Australia: 8.7, number 8
Denmark: 9.3, number 1
"The following countries showed an improvement from 2009 to 2010: [skip it, nobody in Southeast Asia showed any improvement]: