Saturday, November 2, 2013

Corruption Index

Corruption Index

The scale is 1 to 10, and lower numbers mean higher corruption.
Burma 1.4
Cambodia and Laos 2.1
Philippines 2.4
Indonesia 2.8
Thailand 3.5
Malaysia 4.4

At the bottom, number 178, is Somalia. (Does anyone actually try to do business in Somalia?)
Burma: no.176, tied with Afghanistan
Laos and Cambodia: 154
Vietnam: 116
Thailand: 78

Interesting also to look at the West:
United States scores 7.1 and ranks 22nd
Britain: 7.6, number 20
Australia: 8.7, number 8
Denmark: 9.3, number 1
"The following countries showed an improvement from 2009 to 2010: [skip it, nobody in Southeast Asia showed any improvement]: 

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  1. I suspect that the USA is more corrupt than Malaysia, but, the USA is more clever at hiding corruption.

    - Aangirfan